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Lights On Journal For Teens

(11 to 16 years)

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Adolescence is a transition period between childhood & adulthood, and transitions aren’t always easy because changing from one state to another requires more energy than usual. The Lights On! Journal for Teens is a set of four journals for tweens and teens between the ages of 11 years and 16 years, to enable them form and develop their identity, teach them skills to communicate, cooperate and collaborate, and help them not just realize their hopes and dreams, but also explore the limitless possibilities of turning their dreams into reality. The journal also addresses concerns around addictive behaviours, body-image, peer pressure and empowers readers to develop into healthy, wholesome, confident beings with love in their hearts and passion in their souls, burning with the desire to create a world that is safe, beautiful and joyous, while at the same time, maintaining boundaries, practicing assertiveness, and taking responsibility and accountability for their own behaviours and decisions.

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  1. Lights On! For Teens – Book 1

BOOK 1 (Lights On! For Teens) begins with helping the adolescent make sense of his or her identity in terms of all the hopes and dreams he or she harbours. It helps the teenager realize his or her own uniqueness as well as develop the wisdom of every other unique soul on the planet, and how together they can build a world through cooperation and collaboration. The focus is on self-love and loving others while being aware of the different perceptions that could exist. The focus is on helping the teenager work towards building a healthy body-image and developing confidence towards fulfilling his or her aspirations.

  • 160 pages of 100 gsm soft & thick paper,
  • Sturdy hard cover and
  • Lays flat when opened for writing.
  • Adolescence - Journals for Teens

    To give them an outlet to express themselves.

  • Adolescence - Journals for Teens

    To help them form and develop their individual identity.

  • Adolescence - Journals for Teens

    To help them realize their goals and the different ways of achieving them.

  • Adolescence - Journals for Teens

    To help them process their emotions and develop coping strategies.

  • Adolescence - Journals for Teens

    To enable them to form and maintain meaningful relationships.

  • To build confidence and develop assertiveness.

  • To enable them to have healthier notions of themselves and their bodies.

  • Journals for Teens

    To help them work through issues like peer pressure, body shaming, addictions to substances and technology.

  • Journals for Teens

    To enable them to become responsible adults and take charge of their own lives with responsibility and accountability.

  • Journals for Teens

    To help them be empathetic, compassionate beings and sprinkle the world with love and happiness.