About Ignimind

Ignimind provides what one needs to live a truly extraordinary, fulfilling and happy life. We spend the prime years of our lives preparing for our careers. But we spend hardly any time preparing for things that will determine the quality of our life experience and the quality of our relationships, health, mindset and well being. The ability to create successful change is more than just creating change… it’s hope, opportunity, growth, and innovation… it’s what comes next. It is about having the confidence, courage, and grace to create the change we want to see in our lives, our work, our families, & our communities and to promote an environment where empathy, creativity, respect, and team work can thrive to create extraordinary results.

Ignimind was born as an idea to provide path breaking solutions to ignite and empower people live a truly extraordinary, fulfilling and happy life… to live a life you love and love the life you live. We wake up every morning with our Core Purpose To truly IMPACT and make a DIFFERENCE in people’s life. Our vision is to devise innovative solutions, designed to unleash the fullest potential of your mind, body, and spirit. It’s about creating a life of possibilities, having a healthy and energetic body, living every moment by doing what you are passionate about, experiencing boundless joy, love, excitement and fulfillment, manifesting your heart’s desires with ease and joy, building strong connections with yourself, your family and your community and being a contribution to this planet with your unique gifts.

We passionately drive ourselves each day to touch, move, inspire and make a difference in the lives of 20 million people by 2031 . Live Simply, Dream Big, Be Grateful, Give Love and Laugh Lots!!!

A Message from Imran Sherwa, Founder of IgniMind

We all come into this world with our boundless untapped potential, infinite joy and a wellspring of creativity brimming with possibilities. But we are all meant to shine and we were born to make manifest the glory of the light that is within us. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people the permission to do the same. Inspiring and helping others and working for something bigger than yourself becomes much easier and natural once you see the light within.

Imagine living a life with who you are and what’s important to you? How can your life be fun with countless possibilities ? What an adventure would life be when whatever you do comes from loving it? What would it be like if you lead yourself and others with confidence, courage and grace? There is so much to do, so much to see and our time on earth is limited. It’s time to realize that our lives are filled with endless possibilities. We are limitless, you can accomplish anything. And in everything we do every day, we have a choice to make. We all have the power to dream and the potential to turn our dreams into a stunning reality.

IgniMind is a journey to help you ignite that light within you, allowing you discover your true genius and the endless love that you are and being your true self. My prayer and hope is that you create a story, a legacy to inspire the world, where each one of us are truly living an extraordinary, fulfilling and happy life.

You were born to be a star, all you need to do is keep shining.

At IgniMind we believe in creating leaders

The one who leads, sets an example and walks the talk is a leader. Leader is an Influencer, the one who takes responsibility and the one who makes a difference to others is a leader. At IgniMind, we believe everyone is a leader and can lead this world to become a better place to live. When all of us lead in a small way, it will make a major difference to society. You were born to be a star, all you need to do is keep shining.

At IgniMind Learning is a LifeLong Adventure

We truly believe that the ability to expand our mind and strive for lifelong learning is critical to a life of growth, success, fulfillment and purpose. An exciting life is all about learning, growing and evolving from what we are, to what we want to become. At IgniMind, our quest is to continuously strive to create innovative and creative solutions to unleash your fullest, true potential.

At IgniMind we continuously endeavor Innovation

When studying the lives and achievements of the heroes of the past — the ones who kickstarted the great scientific, technological, and artistic revolutions of antiquity — you’ll find that they weren’t renowned for merely being excellent at something — they were renowned for being different, for daring to challenge the status quo and go where others dared not. At IgniMind we believe, that when it comes to inventing a better future for all — it’s risk, audacity, and singularity that will wrench humanity from the clutches of technological and creative mediocrity, and launch us into a fate of possibility and opportunity.

At IgniMind we Overpromise — and Overdeliver

At IgniMind we believe, if you really want to make a difference in the world, to influence generations of people to follow in your footsteps, and to inscribe your name in the book of history, then you have to promise a world and deliver a universe. That is what we strive to do in everything we say and do. Our only aspiration is to touch lives and make a difference, through our innovative solutions. Though it’s not an easy endeavor, nor is it something that, even when achieved, is easily replicable. It’s a mission that comes with the guarantee of repeated failure and constant risk. However, because “fortune favors the bold” , it’s a mission that comes with a higher chance of far-reaching impact.

At IgniMind we Just wana do Something Big — and Become a Legend

There is one common characteristics that we share with the greatest innovators is a perceived touch of madness. There’s no denying the fact that we are a bunch of renegades, heretics, and weirdos who wanna blaze new trails for others to follow. We constantly drive ourselves to leave a legacy behind for generations to come and create a positive impact in the lives of people.