Creating Beyond Life Planner

The 13 weeks Creating Beyond is designed to focus on specific goals, where you plan every aspect of your life extensively on a monthly, weekly and daily basis. Even success & productivity psychology supports the idea to plan & strategize short term goals, which makes it more realistic and you can stay focused on attainable goals in the next 90 days.

Secondly, the Creating Beyond system dedicates 2 pages for every single day, where you can work on planning every aspect of your day in a detailed manner. So if we were to implement the same system for the entire year, the planner would have 725+ pages for the daily section alone. Obviously, this would be too large & heavy to carry around.

We do understand that it can be quite an investment using our 13 weeks planner but the outcomes & productivity you will get in return will more than justify that cost.

The success & productivity psychology principles that has gone into designing the 13 weeks planner, will help you plan extensively and micro analyze your goals, strategies and outcomes. With such detailed planning & execution, if you can even save 1 hour each week, you’re getting 52 hours of your time and your life back over the course of a year. If you value your time at $20 an hour, that’s a good $1040 each year. This is a very conservative estimate, our customers have got more than an hour back per week.

Also, comparatively, the other planners available in the market only focus on 1 or 2 aspect of your life, where as Creating Beyond Planners work towards progressing in all the areas of your life, increasing productivity, raising emotional vibration, living your passion, feel good intentions, contributing towards the life of others, learning new skills & developing positive habits and overall becoming a better version of yourself every day.

And if you still compare the other quarterly planners available in the market, they cost you anywhere from $25 to $40 each, which is $100 to $160 for a yearly investment of 4 planners. While the 13 weeks Creating Beyond Planner is a more comprehensive, science-backed system with better productivity tools and system, the investment is only $20 per piece, a yearly investment of $80. And if you subscribe to or buy more than 1 planner, there is an attractive discount available too.

We believe every day is a new day and a new beginning to start afresh. So we wanted people to start planning & working on their goals anytime they want and not wait for some landmark. Another great thing about the undated Creating Beyond Planners is that you will never waste a page. With dated planners, if you miss a day, that page is wasted forever. With Creating Beyond undated planners you never waste a page, even if you miss s few days in between.

All the Creating Beyond Planners are designed towards achieving your goals, have more clarity & focus, increase productivity and living a happy, fulfilled life. Though the structure and system to attain these are different in the different versions.

Creating Beyond 13 weeks Planner: This is for people who want detailed planning for each month, week and day, to track their progress and achieve their desired goals. It contains 13 weeks roadmap, monthly spread (2 pages x 3 months), monthly plan & reflection (2 pages x 3 months), weekly plan & reflection (2 pages x 13 weeks) and daily plan & reflection (2 pages x 91 days).

Creating Beyond 1 Year Planner: This is for people who want a comprehensive view of their entire year and plan towards it. Begin the year by setting and prioritizing your goals for the year. It contains monthly spread (1 page x 12 months), monthly plan & reflection (1 page x 12 months) and weekly plan & reflection (2 pages x 52 weeks), daily pages (2 pages x 52 weeks).

You can access all our bonus material, which includes e books and training videos from the link provided on page 8 of the planner. Simply go to that link and access these amazing, life changing resources to build an extraordinary life.

We have created resources for you, to be able to utilize this Life Planner effectively and to reach your desired results & outcomes. We will also share training videos, e books, guidelines and other tools, so that you stay strong on your path & journey to your desired, envisioned future.

  • Pdf on ‘How to use the planer guide’
  • E Book on ‘How to Stop Procrastination’
  • E Book on ‘Finding Your Life Purpose’
  • E Book on ‘The Productivity Principles’
  • E Book on ‘The 80-20 Principle: Achieve more with less effort’
  • E Book on ‘Living a Balanced & Happy life’
  • E Book on ‘Creating a life of Peace & Calm’
  • Free Training videos on how to use the planner
  • Free video on how to start your day and end your day
  • Free video on creating your Vision Board
  • Free video on how to set goals

Absolutely! We would love to see more and more people creating an amazing life for themselves using these tools and principles. Our vision is to create an impact & make a difference in the lives of 15 million people and by sharing these empowering resources to the people you know & love, you will be a partner in our mission. So feel free to share the link given on page 8 of the planner, for them to access to all the e books and video trainings instantly. Be sure you also share the discount code gift card provided to you with the planner, so that they can experience Creating Beyond Planners too.

We do not have a dated version for any of our planners, for a simple reason that we want people to start planning & working on their goals anytime they want and not wait for some landmark.

We do not have any plans for a dated version yet and if we do consider creating one for you in the near future, the best way to stay updated with new product launch and getting tips & life hacks is by signing up to our mailing list . You can do that from the bottom of our homepage.

We have taken utmost care in using eco friendly material for all our planners. The paper used for each planner is 100 GSM wood-free paper. The cover of the planner is made from recycled cardboard and PU/vegan leather.

Lights On! Journal

Lights On! is a series of self-development and growth mindset journals for kids, teens and adults.

  1. Kids (6 to 11 yrs)
  2. Teens (11 to 16 yrs)
  3. Adults (16 yrs & above)

The journals have been designed with a lots of activities, free writing & drawing space, stories, reflection questions and many more.

For the kids version, depending on your child’s reading and writing abilities they may need some guidance at the younger end of the scale.

Kids & Teens: The Lights On! Journal for kids and teens have 4 editions each. Each edition is designed for 3 months of journaling pages & content. The kids and teens are encouraged to fill out their journal everyday but as the pages are undated, it is possible for them to move ahead with their own pace & rhythm and just continue to keep going even if they miss a day or two in between. So 3 months is an ideal time to complete each edition, still keeping in mind that a few days here and there would be absolutely fine.

Adults: The Lights On! Journal for adults have 2 editions and each edition is designed for 6 months of journaling pages & content. These are also undated, so you can start whenever you want & decide your own pace.

Yes, all the editions are available and up for sale. But only the 1st edition for kids, teens and adults journal would be dispatched by 15th December 2019 when you purchase them. You can still pay and pre-book the other editions individually or as a part of the subscription plan for each category, but these will be dispatched to you only by February 2020.

The Lights On! kids and teens have 4 editions each and the Lights On! adults have 2 editions. This is approximately 12-14 months of journaling experience for each category. When you book for the subscription offer, you get all the editions for that category with a heavily discounted price. So you save both time and money when you book under the subscription plan.

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