Lights On! Journal for Adults

(16 years & above)

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We are all beings of light! The Lights On! Journal for Adults is a set of two journals for 16 years & above, that helps individuals plan their lives better, be more organized, while helping them explore their own ideas around love, abundance and freedom. The purpose of this journal is to help individuals recognize their own, infinite potential, let go off blocks and limiting beliefs, heal from pain and other difficult emotions, practice gratitude, and live well-balanced, fulfilling lives where they love themselves and the world around, and celebrate life with all its magnificence and varying flavors.  – Ignimind

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  1. Lights On! For Adults – Book 1

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BOOK 1 (JOURNAL FOR ADULTS) focuses on identity, self-love, emotions, and living life with compassion from a space of gratitude. The focus is on uncovering blocks to success and living a life of abundance and freedom based on the realization that each one of us is a being of infinite potential.

  • 200 pages of 100 gsm soft & thick paper,
  • Sturdy hard cover and
  • Lays flat when opened for writing.
  • Ignimind journals & life planner

    To help organize their weeks and months in a better fashion.

  • To keep track of healthy habits.

  • Ignimind Adult journals

    To realize that self-discovery is a lifelong journey.

  • Ignimind Adult journals

    To confirm to them what they already know about themselves, and to remain curious to discover more aspects of their being.

  • Ignimind Adult journals

    To practice gratitude and kindness.

  • For self-love and for loving others.

  • To cultivate meaningful relationships.

  • To have an all-round development of the body, mind and spirit.

  • To help them develop coping strategies for various emotions.

  • To heal inner children or aspects of their past.

  • To look forward to the future with enthusiasm and optimism.

  • Ignimind Adult journals

    To document their thoughts and feelings.

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  1. Shubhi Tandon

    I couldn’t curtail my excitement on getting my copy and gave into the temptation of reading all the little write ups immediately. Though I’m not the dedicated sorts to keep filling it every day, it does come to my rescue every time I have a low mood and feel that everything around me is grey. The minute detailing and the personal touches to the journal add beauty to it.
    Divya! You’re doing the world good. We need this every year please!

  2. Aveena Desa

    The Lights On! journal is a very helpful tool to help us in our journey, not just giving us valuable insights but asking the questions we don’t usually know how to put into words – Precise, deep and insightful. This journal has helped facilitate my process. Thank you, Divya!

  3. Romit Bose

    The Lights On! Journal is one of the most beautiful journals I have ever seen! Believe me when I tell you this! I was so glad to get my hands on it, couldn’t wait to take it all the way back with me to Scotland and show off to my colleagues. Looking forward to more! It’s rare to find journals that interact at such a deep level.

  4. Anushri Shah

    The Lights On! journal has been quite insightful and fun to work with. I love how Divya has so deeply and thoughtfully given exercises and quotes to ponder and practice. It has really given me a lot to think about and changed my perspective about myself and my own life. Thank you Divya for your selfless service to so many. You are truly changing lives!

  5. Sanika Tillway

    I purchased the Lights On! journal when it was launched last year. While most journals serve to help one organize one’s life, few focus on emotional well being. I love how Lights On! has a theme every month with helpful prompts and exercises that makes you want to pause and reflect on what’s going on the inside. I feel reflection is one of the most important part of a regular mental health routine. Since I started journaling, I’ve uncovered so many beliefs that I had about myself. I love how several of the exercises and prompts focus on getting one in touch with one’s deepest self. The fact that the exercises are self-paced is great, so even if you miss writing the journal for a few days, you can always do it at your own pace.

    I’ve often struggle to journal in the absence of specific prompts and I love how Lights On! has prompts and exercises that are helpful but leave enough room for you to also write your thought and emotions in a free-flowing manner. I can’t wait to get a copy of next year’s Lights On! journal when it comes out.

  6. Esita Banik

    I purchased the Lights On! journal & it has been really marvelous. It is filled with so many little activities that I could do every day, and I found that to be totally cool! It really uplifted my mood. I got to know so much about my own self through those activities. This year, she’s coming out with separate editions of the Lights On! journal for kids, teens, and adults, and I just cannot wait for this new release! I am really excited for the upcoming edition!

  7. Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri

    It isn’t always easy being a kid or teenager. It can be scary and confusing. To be able to have such a simple system where every child and teenager can get to boost their confidence on a daily basis via a journal and feel good about themselves is a must-have. Lights On! developed by psychologist, therapist and former educator, Divya Srivastava, is exactly a system to help every child or teenager have a daily go-to and introspect, let go and light up.

  8. Dr Urvi Khaire

    Lights On! I remember when I received this journal, I just felt like grabbing this beautiful, black journal! The pages had such beautiful lines written that I could deeply connect to. The words spoke to me. I felt like they were talking to my life, and it helped me fall more in love with myself. And the illustrations brought out all the magic and innocence that was inside of me! It made me feel so special! There’s a beautiful theme for each month, and that really got me in the mood. When I received it, I could not wait to begin writing. Today, it’s like my best friend, my guide for the year that supports me to get the best possible out of me. I completely and truly love it. Such a good piece of work!

  9. Dikshaa Wadhwa

    I use the Lights On! journal to put down my thoughts and plan my activities. I still remember being mesmerized by the “Who Are You” exercise because it really made me think, it made me connect with who I truly am when I don’t wear any of the labels of duty, responsibility, not even gender or occupation. Today, I use the journal more flexibly picking out themes that suit my mood, and I love the way, that no matter whether one is following the sequence or picking things at random, it still manages to connect to my heart and stay present to myself. Every page is a revelation! The questions really make you think and reflect – it’s no more about playing safe and hanging out with technical information and data – it’s about going beyond that and connecting with your true essence. The activities and the language really helped me boost my self-esteem, feel good about myself, it made me feel that I am worthwhile and made me more open to possibilities. I became more open to receiving abundance instead of blocking it. I cannot wait for the other edition!

  10. Aliya Singh

    I’ve always been someone who has believed in the power of the universe and the law of attraction. But it’s often easy to forget about the magic that surrounds us when life gets busy and our days are endlessly hectic. What I love about the Lights On! Journal is that it serves as a daily reminder, that we are bigger than our daily routines, and we are part of this beautiful all-knowing powerful universe, along with all its life force….We are magic itself! From helping me with introspecting deeper about myself, to reminding me to be grateful for all the loving people and things in my life, I use this journal to get that daily dose of “me time” that helps me to get energized and excited about life.

    I would definitely recommend this journal to anyone who wants to start their journey back home, back to their authentic selves, back to who they really are.