Lights On! Journal for Adults

(16 years & above)

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We are all beings of light! The Lights On! Journal for Adults is a set of two journals for 16 years & above, that helps individuals plan their lives better, be more organized, while helping them explore their own ideas around love, abundance and freedom. The purpose of this journal is to help individuals recognize their own, infinite potential, let go off blocks and limiting beliefs, heal from pain and other difficult emotions, practice gratitude, and live well-balanced, fulfilling lives where they love themselves and the world around, and celebrate life with all its magnificence and varying flavors.  – Ignimind

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  1. Lights On! For Adults – Book 1

BOOK 1 (JOURNAL FOR ADULTS) focuses on identity, self-love, emotions, and living life with compassion from a space of gratitude. The focus is on uncovering blocks to success and living a life of abundance and freedom based on the realization that each one of us is a being of infinite potential.

  • 200 pages of 100 gsm soft & thick paper,
  • Sturdy hard cover and
  • Lays flat when opened for writing.
  • Ignimind journals & life planner

    To help organize their weeks and months in a better fashion.

  • To keep track of healthy habits.

  • Ignimind Adult journals

    To realize that self-discovery is a lifelong journey.

  • Ignimind Adult journals

    To confirm to them what they already know about themselves, and to remain curious to discover more aspects of their being.

  • Ignimind Adult journals

    To practice gratitude and kindness.

  • For self-love and for loving others.

  • To cultivate meaningful relationships.

  • To have an all-round development of the body, mind and spirit.

  • To help them develop coping strategies for various emotions.

  • To heal inner children or aspects of their past.

  • To look forward to the future with enthusiasm and optimism.

  • Ignimind Adult journals

    To document their thoughts and feelings.