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Lights On! Journal for Kids

(6 years to 11 years)

(9 Reviews)

This is a series if four journals made available for children between the ages of 6 and 11 years. Each journal explores different themes and, while complete in itself builds on its predecessor to enable children to be more mindful, more compassionate, and more at ease about experiencing life and all its challenges with confidence. Children were born to be stars – this journal is just a tool to remind them that all they need to do is keep shining!

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  1. Lights On! For Kids – Book 1

BOOK 1 begins with initiating the child into the vast world of self-discovery by helping the child identify and explore more about himself, take the first, few steps towards forming meaningful connections with people in the immediate space like home, school, or neighborhood, keeping in mind the child’s safety, as well as the personal freedom to experience all emotions. The book also initiates the child into the world of positive affirmations, gratitude and the building blocks of mindfulness.

  • 160 pages of 100 gsm soft thick paper,
  • Sturdy hard cover and
  • Flat when opened for writing.
  • journal for kids

    To have a safe space to write down their thoughts and pour out their feelings

  • journal for kids

    To gain insight of, and process their feelings

  • journal for kids

    To just unwind and relax

  • journal for kids

    To develop focus and concentration

  • journal for kids

    To view themselves and the world in a positive light

  • journal for kids

    To build upon, and improve their communication skills

  • journal for kids

    To be able to reflect upon their experiences and make meaning of the world

  • journal for kids

    To develop their creativity

  • journal for kids

    To help them build confidence and develop a growth mindset that makes it easy for them to achieve all their dreams

  • journal for kids

    To develop the skill of gratitude that helps them look forward to the future with optimism and excitement

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  1. shohid

    nice booK

  2. Suzanne Walker

    Lights On! is an awesome book, a tool to develop a positive mindset. So far we’re loving it and it is great having deep & meaningful conversations with my daughter. This journal has so far helped to develop areas in life that needs working at such young age. I am just so pleased that my daughter is benefiting from it.

  3. Rochelle Foster

    We are so impressed with the Lights On! journal. Our 7 year old is enjoying her daily journal sessions together. She is up all excited to write and fill it in every single day. The activities are simple, yet so powerful to shift a nurturing mind into a world of positivity and possibilities. My child has started to believe in herself NOW.

  4. Nikita Rustagi

    The journal has been a great way of connecting with my kids, which we all thoroughly enjoy. My younger one is really loving filling in the journal – every night – and today he told me it stops him feeling angry or frustrated and I’m seeing positive changes already. Could not recommend this journal more!

  5. Simpi Bansal

    My son has a very low self esteem. I got this journal for him. He was so excited and just looking at the journal makes him feel happy. He never talks about how he feels and what he thinks about himself, but a few days into filling the journal, he came to me and said, “You know mumma I’m a superstar and I’m here to shine.” He looks forward every night to do it before bed.

  6. Astha Sharma

    I am an elementary teacher and a mother of two beautiful girls. This journal is exactly what I needed to use with my students and daughters – the importance of kindness, gratitude, developing their strengths, capabilities and helping them channelize their emotions. A perfect tool to prepare a child for life!

  7. Richa Bais

    What a wonderful concept of being your own light and shine. This was the perfect book I could have gifted my three children aged 10, 8 and 6. I was glad to have made this investment on my kids. We all have benefited from this journal including myself. I’ve learned and grown as much as my kids in this beautiful journey of self realization. Lights On! has been a blessing for our entire family.

  8. Victoria Charles

    I am a child counselor & a behavior therapist, working with children having psychological labels. I was blown away and impressed by the quality, depth and the design of such life transforming concepts put it through simple activities, stories and illustrations. I recommend this journal to all individuals, parents, teachers and educationalists.

  9. Rebecca Adams

    We love the Lights On! Journal. I bought the journal for my 7 year old as an experiment to try something new, which sounded excited. God I was so right! We work on the journal few times a week and really enjoy our quality time, talking about the amazing life concepts featured in the journal. I have seen lots of changes in my son’s mindset and outlook since we started the journal and we really have an amazing time filling it together. The journal has beautiful color illustrations, it is easy to read and is truly enjoyable!