Our Story

IgniMind was born with the sole intention to provide creative solutions that promotes personal growth and raises human consciousness. Our education system doesn’t prepare us for life today. Schools teach knowledge, but life requires wisdom.

School made me feel like a failure; it was all about cramming information, being competitive, score good grades and try to win the race. I always felt that everyone else was smarter and better than me. I felt worthless, not enough, insignificant; always questioning my abilities and talents. Life was depressing, miserable and boring. But I still had an inner quest to discover meaning of life and to find my purpose of being. And over these years of questioning the universe over my very existence and experiencing life’s roller coaster ride, I came across the legendary Tony Robbins and my life changed radically. I could see hope, trust and optimism from what he said about life. I started believing in myself and realized that I had the power to dream and the potential to turn my dreams into a stunning reality. And the path to discovering new things about myself and the world took me to a whole new journey of learning, growth and self realization. All my fears, limitations and barriers about myself lost its significance and reality. I took BIRTH again!!!

Over these years, I read hundreds of self development books, attended many workshops, seminars and online courses from the best gurus ternationally. I discovered my purpose of life and who I truly am, is the possibility of Love and Empowerment. I founded IgniMind to provide path breaking solutions to ignite and empower people live a truly extraordinary, fulfilling and happy life… to live a life you love and love the life you live. IgniMind is my contribution to make this world a better place, where every person recognizes the beautiful gift that they are, and shines their bright, radiant and brilliant light upon the world.