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what does mm stand for

Density is the measurement of the mass of a substance or object that is often studied in science. Learn more about its explanations, calculations, and the difference between dense and sparse matter. The formula of probability is possible choices over the total number of options.

what does mm stand for

Another option is to use the “M” for 1,000 and represent $4 million as $4,000M. This shows grade level based on the word’s complexity.

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The U.S. is one of only a few countries that do not use the metric system. The U.S. uses the customary system for units of measurement. The Latin numeral MM is frequently used to designate that the units used in presenting information (financial and non-financial) are in millions. The example below shows how figures can be portrayed in millions. Thus, MM is the same as writing “M multiplied by M,” which is equal to “1,000 times 1,000”, which equals 1,000,000 . This guide will explore how the notation should be used, as well as alternative symbols that are used in practice. What does the millimeter actually stand for.

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Metric rulers have marked increments based on the metric system, centered around centimeters and millimeters. Learn how to read these rulers correctly to avoid mistakes in measuring and calculating. Discover the three types of chemical bonds, see examples of each, and understand when the different types of chemical bonds form. This page explains what the acronym “MM” means. The various definitions, examples, and related terms listed above have been written and compiled by the Slangit team.

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You will most likely see it accompanying an image on a social site where people share memories. As a young banker in the mid-80s, I learned what had been taught for many decades before, that we abbreviate thousands in our analysis with a letter M. If we wanted to denote millions, we would show that as MM.

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The use of two m’s to denote millions is becoming less common. Frequently, in finance and accounting settings now, an analyst will use k to denote thousands and a capitalized M to denote millions. DisclaimerAll content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. We abbreviate and use MM not only in texting, but on all the social media sites and through other digital communication. Both the abbreviations, M and MM, are correct for representing Million.

Is It M For Thousand And Mm For Million, Or K For Thousand And M For Million?  Im Asking For A Friend

If you are a webmaster of non-commercial website, please feel free to publish the image of M-M definitions on your website. On the following image, you can see major definitions of M-M. If you want, you can also download image file to print, or you can share it with your friend via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, etc. To see all meanings of M-M, please scroll down. The full list of definitions is shown in the table below in alphabetical order. You see, there are things called crop factors–and they are created in regards to how much smaller or larger a sensor or film plane is to 35mm film. So on a Four Thirds sized sensor, there is a 2x crop factor.

  • The formula of probability is possible choices over the total number of options.
  • The slang “MM” is an acronym that can be used to represent many things depending on the situation and the context it is used in.
  • It may also be used when parting with a group of people at the end of a conversation.
  • As you look up at the peak of a massive mountain, you might experience a lot of feelings, like wonder, awe and maybe even curiosity.
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  • As we dig in, one consistent thing you’ll notice is the prefix “mil” which means thousand or thousandth.

In this lesson you’ll learn how fold mountains came to exist. Density, the mass per volume, is helpful to predict if objects will sink or float, based on the difference in density of the objects and the presence of gravity. See how Archimedes’ principle applies to calculating the density and predicting if objects will float. Mnemonic devices are used to organize large amounts of information in the brain to improve recall.

It’s tough to remember these when they’re are all so similar. what does mm stand for Think of the suffixes for mm and ml — meter and liter.

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M is the Roman numeral for thousand and MM is meant to convey one thousand-thousand — or million. To take it further; one billion would be shown as $1MMM or one-thousand million. Thank you for reading this guide to the various notations available for presenting financial and accounting information.

Prior to 1989, the ISO 3166 alpha-2 code for Burma was BU, but no .bu ccTLD was ever assigned. Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word MM. There are actually a few different ways that 1,000,000 can be expressed when it comes to writing dollar amounts. One example would be having it listed as $4,000,000. Another person may use $4MM to indicate 4 million. Million can also be represented using “mn” and “m,” so an individual may see $4m, $4mn or simply $4 million.

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‘M’ abbreviation came from Mega and K for thousand and G for billion, and symbolize thousands. Whereas using MM represents thousands of thousands, along with M for a thousand. There are so many applications for the term MM, including those used in pure mathematics in which MM is an abbreviation for “million”, short for “mille mille”, or 1000 × 1000. Thermal energy is energy in the form of heat. In this lesson, you’ll learn what causes thermal energy and the three ways thermal energy is transferred between objects. Understand the significance and the types of stem and leaf plots. Practice constructing such graphs using data from real-life examples.

See how metric system conversion works and compare the measurements to English system. When using the metric system, it is helpful to know how to convert units from other systems. In this lesson, explore the metric system, how to set up a conversion, and how to calculate those units, with some additional practice. Learning different styles of measurements can help to calculate and plan logistically and architecturally. Explore the necessity of taking measurements and learn how to measure weight, speed, and time using scales, meters, and gauges. MM is especially useful when communicating your longing for something or someone online.

What Should Be The Abbreviation For Million

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Learn about the standard units of measurement, including length, weight, and volume. Standard unit of measurement system and the Metric System with examples. The following image presents the most commonly used meanings of M-M. You can down the image file in PNG format for offline use or send it to your friends by email.

Definition Of ’mm’

As we mix our traditions, it sometimes becomes difficult to know what someone intends to convey expressing thousands or millions in an abbreviation. Agents will also commonly see us communicate M as thousands when we quote surety rates or agent commissions. For example, the standard Class B rate starts at $25/M for the first $100M; then $15/M for the next $400M; then $10/M for the next $2MM.

what does mm stand for

Learn about the three types of mnemonic devices (chunking, keyword technique, & method of loci) and how to use mnemonic devices to improve retrieval of information. MM stands for “merry meet,” which is a way of saying, “welcome” to a group of people. It may also be used when parting with a group of people at the end of a conversation. You will most likely see it in online chatrooms or in text messages. An acronym sometimes used on Twitter when referencing a song or music that you think others should listen to. For more than one individual to masturbate whilst in the company of another/others doing the same.

MM is an abbreviation of the words mutual masturbation. Western civilization has had two powerful influences — the traditions of the Greeks and the Romans, and there is often conflict. The Greeks would refer to the god of the sea as Poseidon, where the Romans would call him Neptune. For the Romans, the god of wine would be Bacchus, and for the Greeks it would be Dionysus. These differences carry themselves into many parts of our culture, including financial analysis.

Those rates are expressed per thousand and the MM denotes millions. Likewise, we may quote you a single and aggregate contractor line of authority. That line may be expressed, for instance, as $5MM single and $15MM aggregate. If you’re confused about the letter designations that stand for thousands and millions, you’re not alone. In fact, it’s one of our most frequently asked questions.

The slang “MM” is an acronym that can be used to represent many things depending on the situation and the context it is used in. If you saw this acronym used on the internet and were unable to determine what it meant, then you are lucky to have come here. Below, this article will focus on the most popular representation, that phrase’s meaning, and other meanings that exist as well. Finally, you will learn some synonyms that can be used to replace this acronym and the phrase it represents without changing the meaning of what you are trying to convey.

what does mm stand for

I know I have seen jobs posted that pay $50K, and K is meant to stand in for thousand. And you would be correct, thanks to the Greeks. K comes from the Greek word kilo which means a thousand. The Greeks would likewise show million as M, short for Mega. So if we stay consistent with the Greek abbreviations, then billion would be shown as a letter G . Think of your computer expressing bytes of memory as kilobyte, megabyte or gigabyte. However, when it comes to billion, we don’t really see G or MMM as the abbreviation for billion.

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To put it simply, it stands for the distance between the back element of the lens and the camera’s sensor or film plane. With a zoom lens, you can expect that to change accordingly. Part of this is why we call them “longer focal lengths” or “shorter focal lengths” because longer lenses need to be made, well, longer in order to accommodate the design.

Mil spelled out is the only measurement that uses an inch. Especially when it comes to measurements and the difference between M, mm, and ml and mil. As we dig in, one consistent thing you’ll notice is the prefix “mil” which means thousand or thousandth.

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